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The Heart of Electric Cars: The Battery

2023-11-23T14:08:32+01:0023 November 2023|

The Heart of Electric Cars: The Battery A pivotal component of electric vehicles is the battery. There's ongoing research to enhance its capacity, lifespan, weight, dimensions, and more. A leading German automaker required a blasting cabinet for their research, specifically to manually blast a section of a battery measuring 1500 x 2100mm. Given the sizable dimensions of the products to ...

New mobile blastroom for truck manufacturer

2023-01-24T14:55:58+01:0024 January 2023|

A large truck manufacturer from Sweden was looking for a facility to increase their blasting capacity. The customer felt it was important that the production process not be disrupted by a long blastroom build-up and the associated inconvenience. Our turn-key innovative blastroom concept was chosen. The blastroom is fully assembled in our factory, tested and accepted by the customer. The ...

Normfinish Blast Cabinets Renewed

2021-01-20T07:00:29+01:0020 January 2021|

Normfinish blast cabinets, an institution in the world of blast and surface treatment technology, have been completely overhauled. In doing so, Leering Hengelo has primarily focussed on aspects such as safety, environment, and increased user-friendliness. Normfinish blast cabinets, in the form of injector blast cabinets or pressure blasting cabinets, are manufactured in-house. These machines ensure an efficient blasting process without malfunctions ...

Partnership Leering and AMT: Additive Manufacturing

2023-01-03T13:32:00+01:0017 December 2020|

Leering Hengelo and AMT (Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ltd.) have started a partnership aimed at the sale and further development of 3D print post-processing technology. AMT is a leader in the field of innovative solutions for automated finishing of 3D printed products. Part of the partnership is that AMT will sell Leering Hengelo's fully automated Normfinish® de-powdering machines worldwide. These blast ...

Normfinish® 3D Excel; efficient, careful finishing of serial 3D products

2019-09-05T07:53:50+02:005 September 2019|

Serial production is increasing in the AM industry, which creates new requirements for the finishing process. The Normfinish 3D Excel offers a solution. Specially designed for blasting series of plastic or metal parts in a rotating basket. With a cycle time of 10 minutes, one can finish a large number of products. A homogenous, reproducible result is guaranteed because of ...

Normfinish 3D Excel; efficient, careful finishing of 3D printed products

2018-11-05T14:42:37+01:005 November 2018|

3D-printed products often have to be finished after the fact to remove the powder, make the product glossy and/or add a certain structure/roughness. For this process, we have developed the Normfinish 3D Excel. For printed parts in metal or plastic. Serial production is increasing in the AM industry, which creates new requirements for the finishing process. The Normfinish 3D Excel ...

Automatic blasting of airplane components

2018-09-25T12:46:33+02:0025 September 2018|

The production of airplane components is subject to strict regulations and approvals by several end customers. This also applies to a possible blasting process and must therefore be considered when designing an installation. Approximately 15 years ago, Leering Hengelo delivered a blasting hall with robot to Fokker/GKN. Since the dimensions of the wing components to be blasted have become larger ...

Impossible? Scraper floor with height of 100 mm*!

2018-04-17T08:49:06+02:0017 April 2018|

Leering Hengelo recently supplied a blast room to a customer with several European offices, who specialises in the industrial cleaning of all sorts of products. They needed a blast room to blast products that are first put in a pyrolysis furnace to strip their coating. To minimise operational costs, a blast room with scraper floor was preferred. However, there was ...

Warning: prevent fire extinguishers from rusting!

2023-01-03T13:28:34+01:007 February 2018|

Fire extinguishers filled with water will corrode from the inside, which leads to reduced operational safety. A coating on the inside will solve this problem. This solution requires a good 'anchor profile', however. After all, the coating should protect the inside of the fire extinguisher at all times. Our client wants to be able to guarantee the life of the ...

Solution for finishing 3D-printed products in series

2023-01-03T13:26:46+01:002 November 2017|

Several years ago, a client of Leering Hengelo started 3D printing small parts in which a titanium alloy was applied. Blasting the 3D-printed parts is required to finish these products; an existing Normfinish DI-12 with rotating cage was used for this. The increase of these 3D-printed products required a solution for simultaneously blasting significantly more parts according to a strict ...

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