Fire extinguishers filled with water will corrode from the inside, which leads to reduced operational safety. A coating on the inside will solve this problem. This solution requires a good ‘anchor profile’, however. After all, the coating should protect the inside of the fire extinguisher at all times.

Our client wants to be able to guarantee the life of the fire extinguisher in any climate and situation with 100% certainty. Leering Hengelo was contacted for this reason. We conducted many tests with blasting the inside of the fire extinguisher at our testing centre in Hengelo. Blasting pressure, media, speed and distance are all examples of important variables. The ‘anchor profile’ achieved is excellent, and Leering subsequently commissioned the construction of a Normfinish® blasting unit with a robot and satellite.

The robot unit is in the production line and will blast a substantial number of fire extinguishers within a short period of time, unmanned. Process security is therefore very important!


Normfinish® robot blast unit process:

  • The robot will pick 2 blasted products from the intake and place them on the discharge conveyor belt.
  • The robot will subsequently pick 2 non-blasted products from 1 of the feed belts and place them in the intake.
    The satellite unit will then enter the blasting position.
  • While the robot performs the loading and unloading activities, the Normfinish® satellite will blast 2 fire extinguishers.
  • We blast with special nozzles that are moved in a linear manner by a servo motor placed outside the unit.
  • The stroke length is different for each type of fire extinguisher and is automatically determined by means of a measuring ruler.
  • The blast medium is recycled by means of the screw conveyor, elevator and grit purifier.

Normfinish straalinstallatie met robot

The Normfinish® blasting unit has become a complex unit due to the client’s specific wishes, such as volume, processing time, different feed and discharge belts, completely unmanned operation and the wide variety of fire extinguishers.
The unit is delivered in a turn-key manner by the service department of Leering Hengelo.

Are you also interested in a standard or product-specific blasting process? The specialists of Leering Hengelo will gladly advise you.
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