Energy neutral

In recent years several steps have been taken towards Sustainability, making our facility and the working environment more sustainable. In 2019 our production location has been fully equipped with more than 600 high-quality solar panels, made in the Netherlands. As a result, the annual energy yield of Leering Hengelo is higher than our consumption.

In addition, all means of production and internal transport are now electrically powered. The ventilation of the office area has been improved by replacing the air conditioners with the most modern efficiency. Old boilers have been replaced by new premium-grade condensing boilers. Various iron doors in the warehouses and production hall have been replaced by modern, better isolating transport doors that can be closed electrically and within the facility LED lighting is used as much as possible to further improve our Sustainability. In the production and warehouse, packaging materials are reused and used sparingly.

solar panels

Grade A facility

Based on the measures taken, our facility now has a Grade A recognition.

The building has traditionally been surrounded by large areas of greenery, which, in addition to providing a pleasant working environment for the employees, also provide good drainage, a theme that is a point of interest at more and more business parks.

Many employees cycle to work. Our vehicle fleet is – where possible – hybrid or electric. The vast majority of our range of cleaning fluids are biodegradable and are not only used for sales, but also for internal purposes.

In this way, many large and small steps have been taken towards a sustainable working environment and working method.


The planting of various herbs has further improved the biodiversity of the company grounds. Butterflies, bees and other insects increasingly find their way to these flower-rich grounds.