Several years ago, a client of Leering Hengelo started 3D printing small parts in which a titanium alloy was applied. Blasting the 3D-printed parts is required to finish these products; an existing Normfinish DI-12 with rotating cage was used for this. The increase of these 3D-printed products required a solution for simultaneously blasting significantly more parts according to a strict production schedule.

Leering Hengelo consulted with the client to develop an automated Normfinish blasting cabinet, which allows two rotating cages to simultaneously perform the blasting process. The programming of the Normfinish DI-14 Special is set up to perform the desired blasting process with one simple action.

Of course, the Normfinish DI-14 Special complies with ATEX directives applicable to this blasting process for titanium alloy parts.

Normfinish DI-14 Special