Leering Hengelo recently supplied a blast room to a customer with several European offices, who specialises in the industrial cleaning of all sorts of products.
They needed a blast room to blast products that are first put in a pyrolysis furnace to strip their coating. To minimise operational costs, a blast room with scraper floor was preferred. However, there was no option of placing the scraper floor in a pitch, and the surface height had to be limited as much as possible.
A scraper floor consists of side-scraper strips, and a cross-scraper strip that is normally placed below the side-scraper strips. But this regular version of floor would be too high.


Special construction

Use of a special construction presented Leering Hengelo with the possibility of placing both the side and cross-scraper strips on the same level, thereby reducing the height by around 100 mm. This allowed the surface height, including 60 mm grates, to be reduced to no more than 160 mm.

Naturally, the Sweepomatic® scraper floor, developed by Leering Hengelo and characterised by the low-maintenance electrical drive and quiet operation, was installed.

In addition to structural preferences, requirements to ergonomics, sound level, emission, view in the blast room, and safety were important features.

This led to the choice for an electrically operated rolling shutter, return air, and a silencer to keep the sound level below 80 dB(A).
Together with the implementation of the room and Leering Hengelo’s advice on the complete process, the innovative construction contributed to a blast room that is now in the customer’s use, much to their satisfaction.

  • * ex grates floor, height grates depending on the desired bearing capacity