Service and maintenance

Taking into production the blast equipment includes Training Engineering-Service.  The inside of the blasting equipment is extremely abrasive. As a result there is wear inside the cabinet. With our Engineering-Service we try and keep you blasting equipment in the best possible  condition. In the engineering of our cabinets we already take designing measures to reduce the wear to a minimum as possible. Also an extensive manual is of course supplied. You can always reach us via the number below if you have any questions. We have our own service personnel with experts and (certified) technicians.

In-house engineering and production

The automation of production processes continues and equipment is becoming increasingly product-specific. As a result, traditional equipment is often no longer up to the task.

Normfinish has its own engineering department, which can respond to the many questions raised in this area. We are able to translate customer- and product-specific requirements into customized equipment perfectly suited to your application(s).

Whether you need paint removal, roughening for a coating process, for example, deburring, shot peening, aesthetic purposes or removing powder from products in whichever size, together with you, we develop the best solution for your products. Production and assembly take place on our own account.