The Heart of Electric Cars: The Battery

A pivotal component of electric vehicles is the battery. There’s ongoing research to enhance its capacity, lifespan, weight, dimensions, and more.

A leading German automaker required a blasting cabinet for their research, specifically to manually blast a section of a battery measuring 1500 x 2100mm. Given the sizable dimensions of the products to be blasted, it’s essential to have the capability to blast from multiple positions on both sides of the cabinet.

We’re excited to announce that the blasting installation has now been delivered and is operational. Here are some key features:

– A trolley that’s loaded outside the cabinet using a forklift.
– The trolley’s transport is electric, controlled by a two-hand operation.
– Each side of the blasting cabinet has two blasting positions, totaling four positions.
– To maintain a manageable cabinet height, we’ve incorporated two transport screws for the return of the blasting medium.
– The installation also features ATEX components.

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