This website page tells you everything About-Normfinish, the brand and company. The Normfinish® brand has been a renowned name in the world of blasting and surface technology since 1980.

The industrial blasting equipment of Normfinish finds its way to companies all over the world. Blast cabinets of solid quality, reliable and durable. Designed to make your production process more efficient.

Based on the many years of expertise of Leering Hengelo, which, with its own engineering department, continuously develops and responds to new developments.


The team behind Normfinish offers solutions for all your questions in the field of blasting and surface technology. Whether it is About-Normfinish improving the functional properties of the material, just the aesthetic properties or a combination of these factors.

Operations such as fine blasting, polishing, matting, finishing, deburring, surface roughing, cleaning of surfaces such as rust (oxides) and coating, shot peening: Our experts will be happy to give you suitable advice.

About-Normfinish the Specials.  The Normfinish product range offers, in addition to standard blast cabinets, based on the injector-, pressure- or wet blasting principle, also automated blasting installations for series blasting of your products. These installations are also customizable on customer request. Together with the customer, our Engineering department develops a blasting installation, for your specific application.

For the blasting of very large products/parts, we build and deliver (mobile) blast rooms, standard or customer-specific.

Our blasting installations are delivered and installed turn-key. Maintenance is taken care of by our own team of expert and certified service engineers so that your blasting installation can continue to deliver top performance for many years to come.

Associated parts, accessories and a complete range of high-quality abrasives complete the range.


In almost every industry the blasting of surfaces is necessary to achieve the desired end product. For example, we supply to companies in the mechanical engineering, steel construction, transport, aviation, automotive, shipping, coating, medical and overhaul industries.

Also, companies that print their parts in 3D, know how to find us more often for the post-processing of their 3D printed products.


The Normfinish 3D series offers various solutions for safe and efficient finishing of your 3D printed metal or plastic products. In our Normfinish PP Center, we will gladly show you the possibilities in this area. It is also possible to outsource your finishing to us.

Since 1939

Normfinish blasting equipment is produced by Leering Hengelo. This family business was founded in 1939 (Hengelo, the Netherlands) as a trading company. Focused on foundry products and later also machining tools and sawing machines. Leering has a long history of knowledge in the field of metalworking.

Halfway through the last century, the program was expanded with blasting technology, where a team of surface treatment experts dedicated themselves to developing the best blast cabinets on the market, under the brand name Normfinish.

In-house development & production

Since the beginning of the ’80s, the Normfinish blasting installations have been developed and produced in-house. Our team of engineers is working on a daily basis to find suitable solutions to customer questions all around the globe.

In recent years Leering Hengelo has invested a lot in the further development and innovation of these blasting installations. Such as, for example, the solutions for 3D print finishing.

Director/owner André Gaalman continues the good tradition of Leering Hengelo, quality products for our customers, advised by expert employees and supported by perfect service and logistics!

A brief history