Normfinish blast cabinets, an institution in the world of blast and surface treatment technology, have been completely overhauled. In doing so, Leering Hengelo has primarily focussed on aspects such as safety, environment, and increased user-friendliness.

Normfinish blast cabinets, in the form of injector blast cabinets or pressure blasting cabinets, are manufactured in-house. These machines ensure an efficient blasting process without malfunctions and meet the high demands of frequent blasters. A number of mechanical and hardware improvements have been made in the areas of safety, environment and user-friendliness while maintaining the familiar, high quality.

Even safer

Both editions are equipped with electronic safety sensors in the doors, which means blasting is not possible when the doors are open. The anti-tipping function ensures safe transport. An extra pressure gauge to display the system pressure offers the blaster the certainty that there is sufficient air capacity.


The Normfinish pressure blasting cabinet (DP) is equipped with Siemens Logo software with an automatic stop fan by default. This results in energy and compressed air savings, as well as an extension of the service life of the filters.
Pulse, pause and lag times are configurable.


Various improvements have also been made in the area of user-friendliness. These include the construction of the splash glass, which is now easier to replace, the suspension of the electrical foot pedal (DP) and a pistol holder (DI) that is easier to control.

The improved blast cabinets have been equipped with a scratch-proof, anthracite grey powder coating, making them ready for the future.

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