Leering Hengelo and AMT (Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ltd.) have started a partnership aimed at the sale and further development of 3D print post-processing technology. AMT is a leader in the field of innovative solutions for automated finishing of 3D printed products.

Part of the partnership is that AMT will sell Leering Hengelo’s fully automated Normfinish® de-powdering machines worldwide. These blast cabinets form an essential process step to achieve unprecedented surface performance for 3D printed products together with the AMT machines.

Leering Hengelo will represent AMT in the Benelux and will be responsible for the sales of the AMT PostPro3D® machines.

The missing link in 3D print post-processing

AMT’s PostPro3D® machines use patented technology to automatically smooth the surface of 3D printed products based on thermoplastic polymers. The surface quality achieved is comparable to that of modern injection moulding techniques.

This innovative technology significantly reduces both the production time and costs of 3D printed parts. This is important because up to 60% of the production costs of 3D printed products are caused in post-processing.

In addition, it is the ‘missing link’ to achieve a fully automated process.

Achieving the desired surface quality of 3D printed products can, therefore, be offered cost-efficiently and at a competitive speed for high production volumes.

Joseph Crabtree, CEO of AMT: “AMT’s vision is to develop fully automated safe and sustainable post-processing solutions to enable the industrial production of additively manufactured parts at scale. We achieved this with the successful commercialization of the PostPro3D vapour smoothing system.”

André Gaalman, CEO of Leering: “Leering are experts in surface finishing with 80 years of experience in machine design and production for surface treatment. We export our machines, branded Normfinish, worldwide. The partnership with AMT will allow us to strengthen each other’s positions in additive manufacturing and offer our joint customers globally the best solution for their post-processing needs. “

About AMT

Founded in 2017, AMT is headquartered in the UK (Sheffield), with a global reach through facilities in the USA (Austin Texas) and mainland Europe (Veszprem, Hungary), as well as collaborative partnerships across the world. The close, long-standing collaboration with experts from the University of Sheffield, in the field of chemical engineering and 3D printing, forms the basis of AMT’s technology.


About Leering Hengelo

Founded in 1939, Leering Hengelo has since grown into an internationally renowned producer of Normfinish® blasting installations and ‘total supplier’ to the metal and plastics processing industry.


For more information, please contact us via info@normfinish.com or tel +31 (0)74 255 82 82.