Additive Manufacturing

In Additive Manufacturing, a good 3D printer alone is not enough to achieve the desired end product. The finishing of the printed products is at least as important and determines essential product properties for the final application, such as a smoother or rougher surface, improved mechanical strength, better aesthetics or reduced fluid absorption.

A lot of energy, time and money is invested in Additive Manufacturing (=AM) of plastic and metal parts. Especially products produced with MJF, SLS, SLM and EBM generally need a finish (also called post-processing). This is necessary to remove powder and/or loose parts or to compact the surface.

Normfinish offers several solutions aimed at post-processing 3D printed products of both plastic and metal, essential to achieve unprecedented surface performance.


Depending on the material type of the 3D printed product, the post-processing may differ. The product properties of polumersrequire a different way of finishing than metal. Depending on the desired surface properties a choice will have to be made.

In general, the process of removing powder, also called depowdering, is unavoidable for all powder bed printed products.


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Shot peening

For some 3D printed products, the finishing touch of Post-processing then consists of compacting, strengthening and reducing the roughness. Several post-processing options are available, or a combination of them. This depends on the intended product properties and the type of material.


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