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The Normfinish standard

Post-processing for additive manufacturing

Normfinish. In Additive Manufacturing, a good 3D printer alone is not enough to achieve the desired end product. The finishing of the printed products is at least as important and determines essential product properties for the final application, such as a smoother or rougher surface, improved mechanical strength, better aesthetics or reduced fluid absorption.


  • Normfinish automated transit blast installation
New Automated Through-Feed Blasting Installation Delivered to Customer

Recently, we delivered an automated through-feed blasting installation to a satisfied customer. This advanced installation is equipped with multiple turntables, specifically designed for the efficient blasting of parts. The installation operates as follows: while products on one turntable are processed inside the machine, the other turntable can be loaded or unloaded outside the machine. This ensures a continuous flow of processing without interruptions. The blasting is performed with six DI ...

The Heart of Electric Cars: The Battery

The Heart of Electric Cars: The Battery A pivotal component of electric vehicles is the battery. There's ongoing research to enhance its capacity, lifespan, weight, dimensions, and more. A leading German automaker required a blasting cabinet for their research, specifically to manually blast a section of a battery measuring 1500 x 2100mm. Given the sizable dimensions of the products to be blasted, it's essential to have the capability to blast ...

A renowned name Since 1939 Normfinish