For some 3D printed products Shot-Peening, the finishing touch of Post-processing then consists of compacting, strengthening and reducing the roughness. Several post-processing options are available, or a combination of them. This depends on the intended product properties and the type of material.

Shot-Peening, as part of the finishing process in 3D printing, is a surface treatment in which the surface is blasted with round abrasive. This operation compacts and smooths the surface of the product. With this process, the roughness of the surface is reduced.

When it comes to 3D printed polymers, this treatment is mainly aimed at improving aesthetics. The polymer surface acquires a noticeable smoothness and a visible gloss. The RA (roughness) value decreases considerably. (This is also dependent on the type of material, the blasting medium used and the printer in which the product or part is made).

This also provides a better basis for possible colouring as the next finishing step, because the colour can be distributed more evenly.


Normfinish 3D Samba Smooth


Normfinish 3D Excel Smooth


Normfinish 3D Smart Smooth


Normfinish 3D Solid Smooth