BLASTING Normfinish-dp-pressure-blast-cabinet

Normfinish DP – Pressure Blast Cabinet

About this product

Normfinish-dp-pressure-blast-cabinet are equipped with a cyclone. This guarantees that the abrasive is cleaned perfectly. This results in less wear and better visibility. The Normfinish-dp-pressure-blast-cabinet is equipped with a dosage cylinder which always ensures the right mix of abrasive and pressurized air. Also, the dosage cylinder controls a constant flow of an abrasive, even at the start of the blast process. This results in an effective and efficient blast process.

  • Powerful blasting

  • Extra cleaning of abrasives by cyclone

  • Blasting process free of interruption

  • Continuous clear view due to optimal circulation of air

  • Ergonomic cmpact construction of the Normfinish-dp-pressure-blast-cabinet

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