Transit Blast Cabinets

About this product

Transit-Blast-Cabinets for the blasting of products that are delivered piece by piece. After the import of the products, the doors close. The products are fully blasted by an oscillating movement of the nozzles (from front to back) and a stroke movement in the horizontal plane of the products.

The Transit-Blast-Cabinets can be carried out on top, bottom or both sides. Suitable for placing in line with other production machines. Can be executed as index or in a continuous process.


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Applications of Transit blast cabinets

  • Matting
  • Roughening
  • Deburring

Functionalities of Transit blast cabinets

Available in different versions at the customer’s request. Some examples:

  • Manual transit of long products on rollers or a lorry
  • Semi-automatic process in which the rollers are motorised and the blasting process is manual
  • Fully automated process, in which products enter on one side of the tunnel blast cabinet and exit blasted and clean on the other side

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