Portable Blasting Machine

Are you looking for a solution for portable blasting on-site? The Normfinish Powertrack is a portable blasting machine that works on the principle of pressure blasting. We offer two types: the Normfinish Powertrack and the Normfinish Powertrack Junior.

Powertrack Normfinish grey portable blast machine website

Normfinish Powertrack

The Normfinish Powertrack is a portable pressure blasting machine. For a very economical use of fine-grained, multiple shot blasting media, this portable blasting machine is THE standard. The ergonomic design and the application of advanced components in a compact construction guarantee a perfect system. By using the PLC control, very economical and easy to operate. The effective blast head and efficient abrasive cleaning ensure optimum abrasive efficiency.

  • Portable, placed on a stable movable undercarriage
  • Dust-free blasting process
  • Ergonomic design
  • Recycling of blast media
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Normfinish Powertrack Junior

The Normfinish Powertrack Junior blasting machine is an easily movable blasting machine that works according to the pressure tank principle. This way you can easily blast on location. Smaller, more compact and can be used for many purposes. The Normfinish Powertrack Junior is connected to compressed air and 230V electricity and delivers you mobile, dust-free blasting for a favourable price.

  • Easy to move
  • Widely deployable
  • Application in metal and stone industry
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