Normfinish DP – Pressure Blast Cabinet

Normfinish DP pressure blast cabinets are equipped with a cyclone. This guarantees that the abrasive is cleaned perfectly. This results in less wear and better visibility. Our pressure pot is equipped with a dosage cylinder which always ensures the right mix of abrasive and pressurized air. Also, the dosage cylinder controls a constant flow of an abrasive, even at the start of the blast process. This results in an effective and efficient blast process.

  • Powerful blasting
  • Extra cleaning of abrasives by cyclone
  • Blasting process free of interruption
  • Continuous clear view due to optimal circulation of air
  • Ergonomic construction, no platforms or pits required

Versions of the Normfinish Pressure Blast Cabinets

The Normfinish DP blast cabinets are available in 4 different sizes; the DP12, DP 14, DP 17 and DP 22.



The Advantages of Normfinish Pressure Blast Cabinets

  • Suitable for all common types of abrasive
  • Ergonomic construction, no platforms or pits required
  • Easy to change the abrasive
  • Extra abrasive cleaning by using a cyclone separator
  • Filter box
  • Automatic (timed) filter cleaning
  • Blasting / cleaning pistol
  • Highly robust, solid and ergonomic construction
  • Load up to 500 kg for the DP12 and DP14 (higher loads optional)
  • Load up to 1000 kg for the DP17 and DP22 (higher loads optional)
  • Two large secure access doors (blasting is not possible in open position)
  • Dust-free environment, meets and exceeds the NER standard (=dust emissions)
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Options for Normfinish Pressure Blast Cabinets:

  • Rotating cage for the automatic blasting of small products
  • Turntable to facilitate rotation, especially of heavier products – also available with rail system
  • Door tunnel openings for longer products
  • PLC control
  • Multiple blast pistols
  • PVC cabinet lining
  • Blasting hour counter
  • Underpressure measurement for cartridge filter
  • Power-driven turntable
  • Pressure gauge for displaying system pressure
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