Normfinish DI – Injector Blast Cabinet

Normfinish DI injector blast cabinets are equipped with a cyclone. This guarantees that the abrasive is cleaned perfectly. This results into less wear and better visibility. Our injector blast pistol ensures, in combination with the mixing chamber, a constant optimum mix of pressurized air and abrasive. This results into effective and efficient blasting process.

  • Powerful blasting
  • Extra cleaning of abrasives by cyclone
  • Blasting process free of interruption
  • Continuous clear view due to optimal circulation of air
  • Ergonomic construction, no platforms or pits required

Versions of the Normfinish Injector blast cabinets

The Normfinish DI blast cabinets are available in 2 different sizes; the DI 12 and the DI14.


Advantages of the Normfinish Injector blast cabinets

  • Very robust, solid and ergonomic design
  • Load up to 350 kg (optionally higher)
  • Two large entrance doors with safety sensors (no possibility of blasting when open)
  • Dust-free environment, more than meets the NER value (= dust emission)
  • Automatic (time-controlled) filter cleaning cartridge filter(s)
  • Easy to replace splash glass
  • Safer due to, among other things, pressure gauge for displaying system pressure
  • Blow-off/cleaning gun
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To make the cabins even more universally applicable, a large number of options are available. The most frequently used options are:

  • Turning basket for automatic blasting of small products
  • Turntable for easy turning of heavier products in particular, also available with a rail system.
  • Door entry for long products
  • HEPA filter
  • Multiple nozzles, stationary installation
  • Highly wear-resistant cabin upholstery
  • Blast hour  counter
  • Vacuum measurement filter box
  • Powered turntable
  • Pressure gauge for displaying system pressure
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