Blast Cabinets

We develop and produce a complete range of blast cabinets, pressure blast cabinets as well as suction blast cabinets. These Normfinish blast cabinets are available in both dry and wet blasting versions. The Mistral series is our economy-line and consists of blast machines with all basic features based on the Normfinish technique.

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Normfinish Blast Cabinets

Normfinish blast cabinets are intended for frequent blasters with high demands on the blasting results, clear view, user convenience, safety and the environment. All components are assembled, according to ISO-certification, to create a compact turn-key unit. These machines are available in both dry and wet blasting.

We also offer an economy range, the mistral series, basic blast cabinets based on the technique of Normfinish.

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Normfinish Mistral Series Blast Cabinets

The mistral series blast cabinets from Normfinish are known for a good price/quality ratio and are therefore an economical choice when less is required of the blasting process.

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Advantages of Normfinish blast cabinets:

  • An efficient and fast blasting process
  • Interference-free blasting
  • Good visibility because of good air circulation
  • Foundation-free cabin, compact design
  • Cyclone for efficient abrasive cleaning
  • Optimal abrasive metering with metering cylinder

Our product range

The Normfinish range of blast cabinets consists of dry and wet blasting cabinets. Within dry blasting, we offer injector cabinets and pressure blasting cabinets. Would you like to know more about the different production principles? We will explain it to you in detail in this article. Furthermore, we also offer blast cabinets, specially designed for the finishing of 3D printed plastic or metal parts.

Are you looking for a professional blast cabinet and do you have high demands on the blasting process? Normfinish blast cabinets offers the best results. For less frequent blasting a blast cabinet from the Mistral series might be interesting for you, a series of basic blast cabinets with all the basic features based on the Normfinish technique.

Specific needs for your blast cabinet?

Do you have specific wishes for a blast cabinet, e.g. concerning size of the product to be blasted, feed, frequency or material, we develop automated blast cabinets with various operating principles. In cooperation with the customer, our own engineering department develops specific solutions for specific customer questions.