Automated Blast Cabinets

The Normfinish blast cabinets range also offers a wide variety of automated blast cabinets. We can provide you with full automation of the blast process. Whether it’s de-painting, roughening for e.g. a lacquering process, deburring, shot peening, aesthetic embellishment or powder removal of products of any size, we develop the best solution for your products together with you. All of the blasting systems are engineered, developed and built by Leering Hengelo.

The degree of automation depends on the possibilities your product offers. It also depends on the quantities of products to be processed and the congruence of the products with each other. We are happy to advise you on your specific process.

Satellite Blast Cabinets

Normfinish Satellite blast cabinets are suitable for the complete blasting of complex parts (rotation of the products and oscillation of the nozzles). The products do not come into contact with each other, so no damage occurs.

Normfinish Satellite blast cabinets can be executed as index in a continuing process.

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Satelliet straainstallatie met robot - Normfinish straaltechniek

Robotized Blast Cabinets

Under the brand name Normfinish, we are a producer of automated/robotized blast cabinets. These satellite blasting installations are suitable for machining individual workpieces in small and large series. In addition to standard solutions, we also offer customised satellite installations. You can schedule a non-binding appointment with one of our consultants to find out whether we can help you achieve a faster and more efficient blasting process.


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Transit Blast Cabinets

Transit blast installations for the blasting of products that are delivered piece by piece. After the import of the products, the doors close. The products are fully blasted by an oscillating movement of the nozzles (from front to back) and a stroke movement in the horizontal plane of the products. The blasting can be carried out on top, bottom or both sides. Suitable for placing in line with other production machines. Can be executed as index or in a continuous process.

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Turntable Blast Cabinets

Turntable blast cabinets are suitable for blasting bigger / heavier, often round products. The blasting is being carried out at a manual turntable which can be placed either mobile or not mobile in the cabinet.

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Drum Blast Cabinets

Drum blast cabinets are suitable for automatic and full batch blasting of small parts. When blasting Aluminium, Titanium, PA or PP parts, an explosion-proof execution is necessary. This can consist of a cell wheel lock, rupture disk, Ex. motor and fan, non-return valve, flow control. These cabinets are also often used for finishing 3D printed products.

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Straalinstallatie inwendig stralen - Normfinish straaltechniek

Internal Blast Cabinets

Normfinish Internal Blast Cabinets are suitable for the internal clean blasting of hollow products, such as gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, diving tanks, etc. After placement, the product is rotated and the nozzle makes an upward and downward movement.

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Rollers and Tubes Blast Cabinets

Normfinish rollers and tubes blast cabinets are suitable for simultaneous blasting of pipes or other long round products. Various executions are possible.

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