Blasting Technology

We manufacture blasting units and deliver a complete package in the field of blasting technology. From blast cabinets, blast rooms and specials to blasting abrasives and accessories. Our people have plenty of know-how and can provide you with outstanding advice to come up with an appropriate solution for you. Together with our Engineering and Service departments, we provide you with a complete plan from order to maintenance.

Normfinish DI injector straalcabine straaltechniek

Blast Cabinets

We develop and produce a complete range of blast cabinets, pressure blast cabinets as well as suction blast cabinets. These Normfinish blast cabinets are available in both dry and wet blasting versions. The Mistral series is our economy-line and consists of blast machines with all basic features based on the Normfinish technique.

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Normfinish 3D Excel - 3D Print Blast Installation

Additive Manufacturing

Normfinish offers various solutions aimed at the powder removal and finishing of 3D printed products, both plastic and metal. Our finishing machines are an essential process step to achieve unprecedented surface performance for 3D printed products.

A lot of energy, time and money is invested in the Additive Manufacturing (=AM) of plastic and metal (sub)parts. Especially products produced with Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) or Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) generally require a finish (also called post-processing). This is necessary to remove powder and/or loose particles or to smoothen the surface.

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Automated Blast Cabinets

The Normfinish blast cabinets range also offers a wide variety of automated blast cabinets. We can provide you with full automation of the blast process. Whether it’s de-painting, roughening for e.g. a lacquering process, deburring, shot peening, aesthetic embellishment or powder removal of products of any size, we develop the best solution for your products together with you. All of the blasting systems are engineered, developed and built by Leering Hengelo.

The degree of automation depends on the possibilities your product offers. It also depends on the quantities of products to be processed and the congruence of the products with each other. We are happy to advise you on your specific process.

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Normfinish straalhal met schrapervloer

Blast rooms

Looking for a blast room? We have been designing and manufacturing blast rooms in-house for over thirty years, thanks to our own engineering department. Normfinish offers a wide range of options and with the possibility to sell and deliver worldwide! You can come to us for standard-sized blast rooms, but also for custom-built blast room tailor-made to your processing wishes.

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Mobile Blast Rooms

In addition to customized blast rooms, we also provide more standardized mobile blast rooms. The mobile blast room from Normfinish is a completely factory-finished blast room and a unit (the LP2500) which is equipped with a cyclone, a blast vessel and a filter with automatic filter cleaning.

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Powertrack Junior

Portable Blasting Machine

Are you looking for a solution for portable blasting on-site? The Normfinish Powertrack is a portable blasting machine that works on the principle of pressure blasting. We offer two types: the Normfinish Powertrack and the Normfinish Powertrack Junior.

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straalmiddel normfinish straaltechniek

Blasting Abrasives

Normfinish offers you a wide range of high-quality blasting abrasives. Whether it’s roughening, preparing for a coating, polishing or finishing of a surface, we can provide a wide range of industrial abrasives, mostly from inventory. From blasting grit, such as steel grit, to blasting sand; we have it all!

In addition, our experts can advise you on the most suitable abrasive for your application and other questions such as dust removal.

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Parts and Accessories

Normfinish is your partner in blasting technology. In addition to blast cabinets and blast rooms, we also provide a broad range of accessories and parts. We even keep parts and accessories in stock and thus can provide rapid delivery.

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