Normfinish launches new international website

Recently, Normfinish, the market leader in blast cabinets for more than 50 years, experienced strong international growth. The products are developed and produced in the Netherlands and play an increasingly important role in post-production (certainly due to the rise of Additive Manufacturing). To support this growth, Normfinish launched a new international website:

Discussing the Normfinish blast cabinet, Director of Normfinish André Gaalman calculates that: “At wind speeds of more than 32.7 meters per second we are talking about the strength of a hurricane. Within a blast cabinet, we use speeds of between 60 and 200 meters per second. That is up to six times faster than a hurricane.”  Gaalman also notes that international growth puts the brand even more on the map worldwide. “Our customers are spread all over the world. From the United States to China, Europe and Australia. We even supply our blast cabinets to New Zealand. Our customers are also diverse. They may be specialized production companies, but we also have many world-renowned companies in our customer base. And in various sectors, such as the medical world, the manufacturing industry, and the aviation industry. Even Formula 1 teams use our blasting equipment.”

Normfinish has been around for more than 50 years and is a household name worldwide. Normfinish blasting equipment is developed and produced in the Netherlands. A team of engineers work daily finding suitable solutions for customer questions from both home and abroad. In recent years, Normfinish invested a large amount in the continued development and innovation of their blasting installations. Among this, innovations for the 3D printing industry.

Optimal solution

Gaalman explains: “The biggest compliment we get from our users is that they only use Normfinish blast cabinets. Often, these are customers who have already tried everything. Normfinish cabinets are simply just better. ”

Blasting installations require robust engineering and production. Blasting media shoot around like a sandstorm at speeds between 60 to 200 m / s. The blasting agent creeps in everywhere and destroys everything that is not properly constructed within hours. This is at odds with the reliability and reproducibility of processes that customers demand. “This is precisely the trick,” says Gaalman. “To make a cabinet which allows for the moving parts, such as, a robot, or an x​​/y movement to survive in this environment.”

Also, we do not forget about operational safety and the health of the operator and his environment. With Normfinish blasting equipment, there is virtually no exit of abrasive agent or dust during and after the process. Also, the abrasive media is cleaned well by the cyclone to reduce wear and shorten the processing time.

Meeting customer needs  

Normfinish blast cabinets are reliable and very durable with solid quality. They are designed to make the production process more efficient and based on many years of Dutch expertise. The blasting equipment may be used for operations such as fine blasting, polishing, matting, finishing, roughening the surface. It is also used to clean surfaces, for example, removing rust (oxides), coating, and shot-peening.

In addition to standard blast cabinets, the Normfinish product range also offers automated blasting systems for series blasting of products using the injector, pressure blasting or wet blasting principle. These installations are also available upon customer request. Finally, for blasting very large products/parts, Normfinish builds and supplies (mobile) blast halls, standard or customer-specific.

The blasting installations are delivered and installed for immediate use. Maintenance is provided by our own team of expert and certified service technicians.