In addition to customized blast rooms, we also provide more standardized Mobile-Blast-Rooms. The mobile blast room from Normfinish is a completely factory-finished blast room and a unit (the LP2500) which is equipped with a cyclone, a blast vessel and a filter with automatic filter cleaning. Using similar technology as for the customized Blast Room.

mobile blast room Normfinish

Standard Transport of Mobile Blast Room

The entire unit can be easily transported with standard transportation. The complete unit consists of two parts. After a quick installation, you can start blasting without the need for additional structures. The blast room is set up with a flat steel floor, suction pit (= recycling of abrasives), PVC protective lining, lighting and air cleaning system (for good visibility in the room). The walls of the blast room are made of sandwich panels to reduce noise.

Options for the Mobile Blast Room

The blast room can also be equipped with options such as an extra access door, rubbing plate and scraper floor.