Blast Rooms Mobile

Looking for a Mobile Blast Rooms ? We have been designing and manufacturing Blast Rooms Mobile in-house for over thirty years, thanks to our own engineering department. Normfinish offers a wide range of options and with the possibility to sell and deliver worldwide! You can come to us for standard-sized blast rooms, but also for custom-built blast room tailor-made to your processing wishes.


The Development Process of the Normfinish Blast Rooms

In practice, our Technical Consultant will first itemize all your needs and requirements. These will then be discussed with our Engineers. On the basis of drawings and budget calculations, your requirements will then be fine-tuned to match your means.

With the Normfinish approach, customer-specific requirements can be fulfilled, such as:

  • Working with multiple blasters
  • Blasting process automation, e.g. with robotics
  • Hoisting systems
  • Dual blast vessels
  • Extra-large bunkers

Several options for abrasive cleaning and handling are possible:

  • Sweeping pit without screw conveyor
  • Sweeping pit across the full width of the blast room
  • Suction floor
  • Hoppers throughout the room with conveyor belt or screw conveyor
  • Sweepomatic® scraper floor (see film-clip below)

Standard Blast Rooms

In addition to customized air blasting rooms, it is also possible to use standard rooms or containers. Standard blast rooms can be modified to your product and the requirements of your blasting process. Our standard blast rooms, as well as our customized blast rooms, are supplied on a turnkey basis.