Normfinish 3D Smart Clean

Normfinish 3D Smart Clean

About this product

The Normfinish 3D Smart Clean is suitable for blasting large print volumes on a regular basis. The large basket with 2 blast nozzles allows serial production of up to 30 L at a time. Automatic blasting system for blasting small/medium parts with the possibility for manual blasting of large parts.

  • Series production up to a volume of 30 L

  • Fixed angle adjustment basket: loaded/unloaded outside the cabinet

  • Easy-care; proven concept, low maintenance costs

  • Industry 4.0 ready


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More benefits of the Normfinish 3D Smart Clean

  • Integrated ionization (ATEX) ensures cleaner, dust-free products
  • PLC controlled
  • Boron carbide ray nozzles (2) in basket
  • Possibility for manual blasting
  • Equipped with cyclone for optimal separation of dust and blasting media
  • ATEX certified for process class II 3/-D T125˚

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