BLASTING Normfinish-3d-Samba-Clean

Normfinish 3D Samba Clean

About this product

The new Normfinish-3d-Samba-Clean system is the perfect solution for the automatic depowdering of large series (small and) large products. The PLC parameters and recipes (20) are freely adjustable. The Normfinish-3d-Samba-Clean can optionally be loaded and unloaded fully automatically. Ask our engineers for the possibilities.

  • Series production up to a volume of 50 L

  • Specifically suitable for larger products

  • Possibility for automatic loading/unloading

  • Careful handling of your print in the Normfinish-3d-Samba-Clean


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More benefits of the Normfinish 3D Samba Clean

  • Serial , PLC controlled, production up to 50 L; Total of 20 individual recipes. Process repeatability independent from operator
  • High volume products and also handling of large printed parts
  • Optional automatically loading and unloading
  • Integrated ionization ensures cleaner dust free products (ATEX certified for processes class II/-D T125˚)
  • Blasting guns with boron carbide nozzles move oscillating for a full (and even) blast pattern

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Before & After Depowdering

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360 view


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